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Glass Coating

ALU1 ceramic glass coating helps to protect your glass from environmental pollutants and reduce cleaning intervals.


Protect & Enjoy

Let Nature Help Keep Your Glass Cleaner.

Improve your daily view and gain more freedom to enjoy what matters by having your windows coated with ALU1 ceramic glass protection.

Rain water will bead and runoff, significantly reducing the ability for environmental pollutants to build up. ALU1 glass coatings bond directly with the surface giving a lasting finish with a 7-year product performance warranty. Use the quote form below, call us on 0800 731 173.


ALU1 glass coating reduces the occurrence of environmental build-up, giving you extended cleaning maintenance periods. When cleaned with IPA glass cleaning products, ALU1 ceramic glass coating will not wash off. Provides up to 5 years of  care for your exterior window glass. Its ability to resist environmental pollutants and marking, ensuring a long active period of protection.

Add further protection and reduced cleaning maintenance with ALU1’s garage door restoration and protection service.


Reduce your maintenance cost and extend the time between glass cleaning. ALU1 ceramic glass coating will assist commercial businesses in maintaining an appealing street front with reduced overheads on exterior cleaning.

To further enhance your businesses street frontage consider ALU1 ceramic joinery restoration and protection services.

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Step 1

Surface Clean

Before cleaning, your ALU1 operator will tie back any plants. To reduce your initial quote costs, please consider a good trim of the plants around the windows. They will use a biodegradable cleaning solution designed to remove dirt and debris without scratching the glass surface.

Step 2

Surface Preparation

Your ALU1 operator will apply a solution designed to remove as many environmental pollutants from the surface of the glass as possible.

Step 3


The ALU1 window protection product is hand applied and levelled onto the surface. As the product settles, dries, it is polished to a fine finish with a high level of clarity and protection to the glass.

The product is weather tight in 2hrs.

Save & Protect.

ALU1’s ceramic glass coating acts by repelling contaminants that can bond to the glass over time. Holding them in suspension ALU1 enables you to have more free time with fewer cleaning intervals and a clearer faster-drying finish when cleaned.




Shower Doors

Splash Backs

Be Inspired

Be inspired by the collection of ALU1 environmentally friendly water-based products designed to provide years of protection and enhanced street appeal to your home, commercial and retail sites.

Garage Door Restoration

"Just wanted to say, thank you to the team at ALU1. Our rental home in Hamilton looks fantastic and has lifted its look 10 fold."


Renatal Homeowner

"The transformation of our garage door has been nothing short of miraculous. We thought it would need a full repaint; however, the team at ALU1 were able to substantially improve the door without the added expense of painting."