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ALU1 protection for whiteware uses the Dura-Seal OptiCoat Paint Protection Film (PPF) product to provide years of protection.



Protect what matters from scuffs and scrapes.

ALU1 PPF protection packs for chest freezers, beer fridges and washing machines provides a barrier to accidental scuffs and scrapes. Long term surface protection for the top, sides and kick plate area at the base of the freezer, beer fridge or washing machine.

Beer Fridge

When it comes to protecting the important things in life from scuffs and scrapes. The top of your beer fridge can suffer the most with bottles and even the odd tool resting on it. The application of Dura-Seal OptiCoat PPF can prevent inadvertent scrapes and scuffs from damaging your beer fridge.

Custom cut and fitted with a gloss finish and easy to clean.

Washing Machine

Is your washing machine stored in a location where items are placed on it? Many of these items can introduce scratches and scuffs on the surface, dramatically affecting its look. Application of protective film with a high gloss finish and self-healing properties will greatly assist in maintaining that new look.

Keeps your machine top, sides and kick plates looking like new longer.

Chest Freezers

Protect your chest freezer from accidental scuffs and scrapes. ALIU1’s custom PPF package for protecting whiteware from scuffs and scratches will help to keep your chest freezer and other whiteware looking its best. Most chest freezers are stored in garages where tools, bikes and other items can easily mark them. The use of PPF can help protect the value of your whiteware.

New Or Old

New or Old Whiteware

The benefit of ALU1 PPF protection for whiteware is that it can be applied to new or older whiteware in good clean condition protecting its future look and value. For older whiteware, a chemical wash will safely remove most surface grime and oxidisation.

Custom Cut

We Custom Fit

Your AlU1 applicator will custom measure and cut the protective PPF film prior to application. Ensuring that there is no cutting on the fridge, chest freezer or washing machine.


Application Of PPF

The PPF film is neatly bonded to the surface, ensuring that all air bubbles are removed and a clean gloss protective finish is achieved. When the PPF has finished serving its time protecting your whiteware it can be removed and cleaned back to expose the original finish in an as new condition.

Be Inspired

Be inspired by the collection of ALU1 environmentally friendly water-based products designed to provide years of protection and enhanced street appeal to your home, commercial and retail sites.


Garage Door Restoration

"Just wanted to say, thank you to the team at ALU1. Our rental home in Hamilton looks fantastic and has lifted its look 10 fold."


Renatal Homeowner

"The transformation of our garage door has been nothing short of miraculous. We thought it would need a full repaint; however, the team at ALU1 were able to substantially improve the door without the added expense of painting."