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Garage Doors

ALU1 glass ceramic garage door service neatly cleans back the oxidised powder-coated  surface and provides a long-lasting protective finish.


Transform & Protect Your Garage Door

Refresh your homes street appeal.

Stop your dull oxidised garage door from impacting your homes street appeal.

Your local ALU1 applicator can help to refresh the depth and finish to your garage doors powder coating. ALU1 glass ceramics are a UV stabilised coating that bonds directly with the powder-coated surface and gives a lasting finish with a 7-year product performance warranty. Use the quote form below, call us on 0800 731 173.


ALU1 significantly revives* and protects the look of your powder coated garage doors, greatly extending the powder coatings life. With the benefit of extended cleaning maintenance periods. Its ability to resist environmental pollutants and marking further adds to your homes value and street appeal.

Your ALU1 ceramic garage door service includes a personal kit to help keep that just coated look.

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Step 1

Surface Clean

Along with a drop sheet to protect your concrete and paved surfaces from staining while the oxidised layers of the powder coating are cleaned back. Your ALU1 operator will apply a cleaning solution designed to remove dirt and debris without scratching the surface.

Steps 2-4

Surface Preparation

Your ALU1 operator will apply a proprietary mix of solutions designed to clean back the oxidisation and mineral deposits from the surface. This process scuffs the surface and opens up the powder coating for a deep clean. Then readies the powder coating for keying in the ALU1 glass ceramic for buildings protective coating.

Step 5


ALU1 is evenly applied to the powder coating surface and levelled out to a smooth clear finish. ALU1 garage door protection coating goes on at around 35-45 microns. The garage door surface is checked for any dull spots and corrected where needed.

ALU1 Glass Ceramics For Buildings.

ALU1’s glass ceramic coatings are UV stabilised and form a hard barrier that resists yellowing, cracking and peeling. Its ability to withstand environmental pollutants and come back shining and bright sets it apart from many other lessor coatings.

NOTE: The coating is not a re-colour.

Some Of Our Recent Work

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Garage Door Restoration

"Just wanted to say, thank you to the team at ALU1. Our rental home in Hamilton looks fantastic and has lifted its look 10 fold."


Renatal Homeowner

"The transformation of our garage door has been nothing short of miraculous. We thought it would need a full repaint; however, the team at ALU1 were able to substantially improve the door without the added expense of painting."