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How is it applied

All your ALU1 products are applied by hand and levelled onto the surface. In the case of the glass coating, the product is nad polished to a fine gloss finish. In contrast, the garage door, window joinery and solar panel products are keyed in then levelled to the surface.

How Many Coats Are Required

All your ALU1 products only require one coat to remain effective for years. What’s more, with the our warranty* you’ll have all the confidence you need to know it will stand up to time.

How Long Does It Take

A standard double sectional folding garage door is around 1.5hrs. From a full clean back to surface keying and application of the coating.

Single-story four-bedroom homes, windows and door joinery will take around three days to complete, subject to ease of access. You can help reduce quote costs by tying back any plants and allowing room for the applicators to work freely.

Single-story four-bedroom homes, exterior glass takes 1 to 2 days.

Solar panels will depend on the surface area and access.

How Long For It To Cure

Your ALU1 coating is weather tight in 8-10hrs. Keep water away from the coated surface for at least 8-10hrs.

If water has landed on the surface inside of 2hrs leave the surface alone and contact us to help rectify any imperfections in the surface.

If water or another product should land on the surface before 8-10hrs, please wipe the surface dry with a microfibre cloth.

From the 8-10hr mark, the product begins to fully harden. This stage can take 36-72hrs depending on humidity. Low humidity will cure the product quicker. Once fully cured the surface will act as a self-cleaning surface with light scuff and scratch resistance.

What maintenance is required

ALU1 will continue to protect* with no maintenance. Over time contaminants will settle on the surface, significantly less than without a coating. Your garage door and joinery service are supplied with a cleaning kit to help maintain the surface gloss. We recommend a quarterly to six monthly clean of the treated surface.

How Long Does It Last

ALU1’s garage door and joinery coatings are designed to last for ten plus years. No, they won’t just fall off after ten years. Like any building product exposed to the harsh UV and elements specific to NZ, it will break down. However, its role is to protect the underlying surface and provide a platform for re-application at the 10-year mark.

The garage door and window joinery products carry a 7-year warranty*.

What If I Have A Problem

As with any TF Group product, if you have a problem with the performance of the product, feel free to contact us for support.

NZ Made, NZ Owned

All ALU1 products are produced from imported and locally sourced materials. As part of  TF Group with over 30 years of creating quality coatings for automotive and household furniture, you’re backed by the best.


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