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Refresh your dull, faded, oxidised powder coated joinery to a deep, rich finish. Backed by a 7yr product performance warranty*.

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30 Plus Years

With more than 30 years in the coatings industry as a trusted brand, our restoration and coatings products have stood the test of time, so that your homes street appeal can stand the test of time. Bonds with the surface filling in the pores of highly oxidised anodised and powder-coated surfaces to enhance and protect the existing surface.

Locally Made

TF Groups Dura-Seal products are locally made, supporting local industry.


Save Precious Time

Backed by a 7-year product performance warranties for Garage Doors, Window Joinery, Glass Coatings. Concrete and masonry coatings are 5-years, with TPU PPF protection at 5 years. ALU1 saves time on joinery cleaning and reduces the maintenance needs with extended time between cleaning.

Refresh the Appeal of Your Home

Upgrade your surface protection with our ALU1 glass ceramic and TPU PPF products. Engineered as part of a meticulously designed system, these products have stood the test of time, offering exceptional protection against oxidised surface transformation. Transform oxidisation and environmental build-up on your garage doors and joinery. Our powder-coated surface protection systems boast a resilient glass ceramic, UV stabilised finish, effectively warding off environmental pollutants and significantly extending the UV resistance of the powder coatings. Not only will it shield your, joinery, masonry and whiteware surfaces, but it will also dramatically enhance the street appeal of your home. Invest in our proven solution and make your home stand out.

Years Warranty*

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ALU1 makes your homes garage doors and joinery look great for years to come. Its ceramic UV stabilised formula bonds directly with the powder-coated surface forming a strong barrier between the powder coating and the environment.

Once fully cured, the surface becomes scratch resistant and helps to filter out harsh UV damaging rays, dramatically improving the powder coatings ability to resist fading and chalking.

In addition, our glass coating will give you more free time with its surface protection and self-cleaning properties. Less dirt and grime will stick, which means less time cleaning.

Application Process

Our professional application process ensures that your property will stand out form the rest. The coating is hand applied and self levels to form a rich-deep-gloss hardwearing layer of UV stabilised protection.

What’s more, commercial users can rest easy in the knowledge that ALU1 ceramics will stand the test of time while providing solid benefits in the form of extended surface coating life for the powder coating. Protecting from pollution, scratch resistance*, premature fading and chemical damage.

Reduce cleaning maintenance on windows with the ALU1 glass coating products.

Garage Doors

Refresh and protect sectional folding garage doors. ALU1 will bring back the lustre and add a UV stabilised layer of protection to the powder coating.

Window Joinery

Remove the oxidised layer from the window joinery and apply a UV stabilised protective coating. Significantly slowing down further oxidisation and maintaining the lustre.

Glass Coating

Exterior and interior glass coating reduce cleaning maintenance and significantly improve the ease of cleaning. ALU1 glass coating is hydrophobic and improves clarity.


Protect concrete, tiles, pavers and roof tiles from accumulating moss mould and significantly reduce the build-up of dirt and grime on the surface.


Protect your beer fridge, shed freezer, washing machine tops and sides from scuffs scrapes and accidental spills with our PPF packages for whiteware.

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