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ALU1 ceramic masonry protection significantly reduces the build-up of dirt and grime on concrete driveways, paved areas and roof tiles.


Fast Drying, Mould Stopping Surface Protection

Protect your concrete and paving surfaces.

ALU1 concrete, pavers and tiles protection products significantly reduce the occurrence of moss, mould, dirt and debris settling onto the surface. The added benefit of faster drying surfaces means walkways and paths are safer during and after rain. Protect your outdoor pavers and maintain the like-new finish for much longer. A lasting finish with a 5-year product performance warranty.

ALU1 masonry sealer is designed for application overall concrete and cement-based products including C.I.A Topcrete colours, cement-based paving, driveways, patios, pathways, courtyards and pool surrounds. The unique nature of the ALU1 concrete sealer is that sits in the top layer maintaining the non-slip status while sealing the surface for a longer period than products that sit on top.

Your local ALU1 applicator can help to protect the finish of your paved surfaces. ALU1 ceramics are UV stabilised coatings bonding directly with the substrate surface with an impressive performance warranty Use the quote form below, call us on 0800 731 173.


ALU1 ceramic concrete coatings are suitable for protecting driveway and concrete roof tiles from the build-up of mould, lichen and dirt. With an added benefit of faster drying times and resistance to bird droppings, pollen dust and other environmental contaminants.

Your ALU1 concrete coating will help to maintain that just poured look.


Concrete pavers can quickly start to grow moss and mould, creating a dirty look. Sealing your concrete pavers and tiles with an ALU1 ceramic paver seal will significantly reduce maintenance requirements and keep the pavers looking like new for longer.

In addition, ALU1 helps to keep concrete block walls cleaner longer.


Reduce maintenance costs through the application of ALU1 ceramic concrete and paver sealant. ALU1 concrete and paver seal helps commercial and retail building owners maintain a just clean, like-new look for significantly longer periods. ALU1’s resistance to environmental build-up and foot traffic makes it suitable for high use areas.

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ALU1 Ceramic Masonry Sealant.

ALU1 masonry UV stabilised ceramic protection dries clearer and harder than any other, remaining water repellant and will not go yellow. With excellent resistance to most contaminants minimising staining and dirt on the surface.

New or Old

Concrete Surface Check & Clean

If your masonry surface is older and contains dirt and environmental build-up, it will need a pressure wash first. Freshly poured concrete will need a week to cure off before the coating can be applied. If applied too early the coating will not set correctly.

Tiles & Pavers

Surface Preparation

For newly laid roof tiles, paving stones and outdoor floor tiles, application of the coating can be done after laying the tiles and where they are not dirty.

If they show signs of dirt and debris, we will wash them and then leave the tiles to fully dry before application. Adding extra time to the project to give the tiles time to dry.


Application Of Masonry Protection

ALU1 masonry, tile and outdoor pavers protection products are sprayed onto the surface. Applied on a day where it is expected that no rain will fall during the application process. The area will be sectioned off from foot and vehicle traffic until the coating has become wether tight. Time to weather tightness can vary depending on the temperature and humidity.

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Be inspired by the collection of ALU1 environmentally friendly water-based products designed to provide years of protection and enhanced street appeal to your home, commercial and retail sites.

Garage Door Restoration

"Just wanted to say, thank you to the team at ALU1. Our rental home in Hamilton looks fantastic and has lifted its look 10 fold."


Renatal Homeowner

"The transformation of our garage door has been nothing short of miraculous. We thought it would need a full repaint; however, the team at ALU1 were able to substantially improve the door without the added expense of painting."