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Solar Panels

Keep your solar panles claner longer with ALU1.


Protect & Save

More Power, More Time.

Improved long term solar panel power output. With ALU1’s solar panel protective coating, coated panel’s stay cleaner longer. Less dirt on the surface produces a higher output. You can save in two primary ways, firstly, improved power output and secondly, longer intervals between solar panel surface cleaning.


ALU1 solar panel protective coating is UV stabilised to provide UV protection to the coating, and the surface beneath. In addition, with its self-cleaning properties, your coated solar panel’s will stay cleaner longer. Extending cleaning intervals and delivering more consistent power over time.

Add further protection and reduced cleaning maintenance to your home with ALU1’s garage door restoration and protection service. Or ALU1’s glass protection services.


Commercial users of solar power will enjoy the benefits of reduced solar power cleaning intervals. Greater resistance to environmental pollutants like leaf matter, pollen dust, bird dropping and much more.

To further enhance your businesses street frontage consider ALU1 Joinery restoration and glass coating protection services.

Step 1

Surface Clean

Our biodegradable cleaning product will remove any heavier surface debris. Followed up by another biodegradable solution, safely breaking down any existing environmental film or build-up which might prevent the coating from bonding to the surface.

Step 2

Surface Preparation

Your ALU1 operator will apply an IPA solution as a final pre-coating surface preparation.

Step 3


The ALU1 solar panel protection product is hand applied and levelled onto the surface. As the product settles and dries, it forms a hardwearing long-lasting surface.

The product is weather tight in 2hrs.

Be Inspired

Be inspired by the collection of ALU1 environmentally friendly water-based products designed to provide years of protection and enhanced street appeal to your home, commercial and retail sites.


Garage Door Restoration

"Just wanted to say, thank you to the team at ALU1. Our rental home in Hamilton looks fantastic and has lifted its look 10 fold."


Renatal Homeowner

"The transformation of our garage door has been nothing short of miraculous. We thought it would need a full repaint; however, the team at ALU1 were able to substantially improve the door without the added expense of painting."